Glacces is a set of software applications making verbal communication accessible to deaf people without involving a sign language interpreter. The system translates spoken language to sign language real time and displays it signed by a 3D animated avatar on a display device. Glacces is developed for multiple platforms and devices, including PCs, tablets, Smart TVs and smartglasses, to address the needs of deaf people in various areas of life.

Glacces, we aim to provide highly use case specific applications based on our core technology integrated with state-of-the-art third party solutions. These applications provide significant user value compared to current solutions combined with natural usability in the context of the use case.

Currently planned Glacces applications translate spoken language to sign language in the following contexts:

  • Glacces Broadcast for live TV, radio or streaming media (PC, Mobile, TV)
  • Glacces Cinema for movies in cinemas (Smartglasses)
  • Glacces Call for video conferences (PC, Mobile)
  • Glacces Lecture for education (Smartglasses + PC for additional functionalities such as note-taking)